Volunteer to Help Preserve a Historic Cemetery

Looking for a way to contribute in your community? A cemetery is where we remember those who have passed before us, but many are in need of our help.

The Adopt A Cemetery program encourages volunteering and enhances historic memorial parks and cemeteries individuals, organizations, or businesses can make a difference by helping maintain sections of under funded historic cemeteries and memorial parks.

Memorial Day and Veteran's Day flags placed at local and national cemeteries, like Willamette National Cemetery (as seen in the video below) are thanks to the work of local volunteers.

Maintenance and Beautification Volunteers participate in Perpetual Care

Cemetery Volunteers Watered Grass & Added Flowers
  •  Litter removal
  •  Grass Mowing
  •  Weed Digging
  •  Flower Trimming
  •  Tree Planting
  •  Sodding and seeding
  •  Stone cleaning – Headstones, monuments, etc.
  •  Removing graffiti
  •  Clean out dingy old fountains and ponds
  •  Cutting back overgrown vegetation
  •  Planting native species where appropriate
  •  Maintenance
  •  Sprinkler repair
  •  Debris Removal
  •  Resetting toppled headstones
  •  Straightening tombstones
  •  Repairing Cracked Concrete
  •  Polishing plaques

Volunteer Opportunities at Local Cemeteries 

Help Document - Grave Rubbings and tombstone photographic documentation are great ways to record preserve local history for generations to come.

Give Guided Tours? - Volunteer to give a walking tours. Learn your local history and share the fascinating history with others.

Play Music - Play music in the courtyard for visitors on holidays and special memorial events.

Safety - If you see potential hazards while volunteering, stop working and communicate these with cemetery staff. Do not resume assistance until the issue has been resolved.

Have you ever helped volunteer at a local cemetery? Please share your thoughts and advice.

Do you work for a historic local cemetery that needs volunteers? If so, please let our readers know where and how they can help.