Unforgettable: Good Funeral Music

At my stepfathers graveside service we had the bagpiper play “Minstrel Boy”, “Amazing Grace” (an all-time favorite played at most funerals), and “Will ye come back again”.

Sadly it wasn’t until months after my stepfather’s service that we learned he wanted the song “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole played at his service. My mother was saddened to have learned of this much too late. She’s not alone. 

Many families have trouble locating the will or last wishes of their beloved. That’s why is so important to either pre-plan your final wishes with a funeral home or be very clear about where you have left the paperwork.

Some emergency responders recommend leaving vital health information papers in waterproof container inside your fridge or freezer. 

Where do you feel important paperwork/final wishes should be kept?