Caregiving Journal - Hand-Picked

This week has been noteworthy for Ma’s protein consumption. The reluctant carnivore who often claims that the meat I’ve prepared makes her nauseous then gives her portions away to my husband, has not complained once about the meat this week.

This is a new record.

I started to wonder what might be causing my good luck this week and it dawned on me – the grocery trip. She selected all the cuts of meat herself. I expressed no opinions or objections, even though selecting meats is something that my husband or I normally do. This week she chose the meat and now mealtimes are complaint-free and pleasant.

What I learnedFolks like when they are allowed to be part of the decision-making. If a loved one is complaining about a certain part of their meals, have them help you select ones they prefer better.

What routines have you changed that improved a caregiving experience for the better?