Fond Farewell - Alex Karras (1935-2012)

Alex Karras gained fame as an American defensive linemen for the NFL. He was a four-time all pro defensive tackle for over 12 seasons. He also worked as a professional wrestler, and later as an actor. Karras played in diverse roles such as “Mongo” who punches a horse in the epic 1980’s hit “Blazing Saddles”, to Hans Brumbaugh in the 1979 TV miniseries “Centennial.” However, Alex was most well known for his role as George Papadopolis on the popular 1980’s television sitcom “Webster” in which he played an ex-football player who adopts the son of a friend who died. In 1977, Mr. Karras was admitted into the Iowa Sports Hall of Fame. In 1991, he was admitted into “The College Football Hall of Fame. Sadly, Karras suffered from dementia due to head injuries sustained over his football career and he joined over 3,500 professional NFL players in suing the league for head injuries. He died under hospice care surrounded by family in Los Angeles, California. He was just 77.