Fond Farewell Lucille Bliss (1916–2012)

American television cartoon voice actress Lucille Bliss’ pioneering voice career brought joy and laughter to millions of children. She voiced television’s very first animated character, Crusader Rabbit (1949), and famously played the popular “Smurfette” character through nine seasons of “The Smurfs” through the 1980’s. She hosted popular bay area kids program. “The Happy Birthday Show” and took roles for Walt Disney in Alice In Wonderland, and our favorite 101 Dalmatian’s where she was dubbed for the "Canine Crunchies" commercial and all pup voices. Her career spans generations from Hanna Barbara favorites like “The Flintstones”, to Don Bluth’s “The Secret of Nimh” and most recently “Miss Bitters” on Nickelodeon’s “Invader Zim” animated series. We thank you Ms. Bliss for your creativity and undying love for the child in all of us.