Before it gets lost, damaged or ruined, let an Advisor from Village Memorial take care of archiving for you!

Discover your family's history - digitize now! We make it easy.

How many times have you thought of finally getting to scanning or making a video of your family's photos? 

Do you have friends and extended family who have photos just sitting around in boxes because it's too much work and a hassle to package it into a simple family remembrance?

How excited do you get when someone in your family posts a cool old family photo on Facebook? We make it easy for folks to share digital images of the old family photos once left undiscovered in an old storage box. We help families tell their story.

Give the gift of time for archiving and never lose a priceless family story.

  • A great way to archive your family's photos and a favorite loved one's story.
  • Provide digital video imagery to your loved one!
  • The ultimate gift in family archiving.
  • Life tribute story writing
  • Photo scanning service (75 photos max)
  • Family stationery
  • Life story slideshow DVD
  • Life tribute story writing
  • Photo scanning service + retouch (100 photos ax)
  • Family stationery
  • Medium display banner

  • Video Biography DVD
  • Life review interview
  • High-resolution Photo scanning, plus retouch (125 pics/video clips max)
  • Photo/Video on USB
  • Family stationery
  • Large display banner