Library Services for Seniors

The Washington Country Library System in Oregon offers a service called “Homebound: Books-by-Mail Service.” Their website states: “For homebound, elderly and disabled people, a good book can be as important as a good friend.” Through this free program patrons are mailed “large print, standard print, books-on-tape, magazines, cassettes and videos” with a return postage label.

One patron who commented on the service said, “Thank you for the kindness you always showed to my mother... You took the time to listen to her. She looked forward to the books and movies, but more than that she knew she could call you and you would treat her like a person that mattered.” Many other patrons who reviewed this service thanked the library for their kindness, for prompt responses to requests and for the improvement in their quality of life.

The library is listening to senior/disabled patrons, fulfilling their requests and paying attention to their specific needs by offering media in appropriate formats (i.e. large print or audio). This service has opened a door for the homebound elderly and disabled to enjoy reading, hearing or viewing books and media they value.


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